TufSeam is the most advanced tank and vessel insulation panel system available today. Our system provides long-term, maintenance-free thermal control, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in heating/cooling costs during the storage of chemicals, oil, gas, asphalt, brewery, and food products. Each system is pre-fabricated in our factory to meet the highest quality control standards. TufSeam is custom engineered for your specific tank height, assuring a precise fit for maximum efficiency and ease of installation.

DURABLE, FIRE RESISTANT, WEATHERPROOF. The metal outer shell, combined with the double rolled seam, provides a weatherproof, durable maintenance-free tank insulation/fire protection system. The internal anchor system features horizontal cables which are easily applied circumferentially around the tank, eliminating external bands. Flanges of adjacent panels are double-rolled over each other by a self-propelled tool that travels up the panel seams. The continuous vertical insulation panels are manufactured in lengths to fit your tank height and are shipped to the jobsite ready for installation without the necessity of scaffolding. The double-rolled seam provides a tough weatherproof seal between panels. Rivets and screws are not required to anchor the insulation panels. No penetrations are made to the outer shell. TufSeam is designed to withstand hurricane force winds.

Thermal Performance. The outer shell, plus the thermally efficient insulation, adds up to excellent in-place thermal performance. The TufSeam System offers you a choice when selecting the best materials to meet your tank insulation needs.

Expansion/Contraction. The TufSeam internal anchor and double-rolled seam work together to accommodate expansion and contraction of the tank. As a result, the panels are held securely against the tank regardless of thermal conditions.

Roof Compatibility. TufSeam is compatible with all types of conventional or standing rib roofing systems.

Quality Assurance. TufSeam panels are factory-manufactured to exacting specifications, thereby assuring the highest degree of fabrication consistency.

TufSeam Tank Insulation System - The System to Use When Considering:

  • Weatherproofing
  • Thermal Longevity
Vessel Insulation
Vessel Insulation